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My favourite food is not pretentious or expensive ... but food that tells a story, that is made with love.


Food is so personal to me and reflects my home life and the place where I grew leaps and bounds as a home cook, the one place where I could really experiment with flavours and techniques.

In 2014 my passion for cooking came to the fore, culminating in two cooking shows; Something’s Cooking & What’s for Dinner. These shows reached over 18 000 000 viewers across South Africa in two years. My spicy, authentic Portuguese heritage and hearty homegrown South African food influence have become my trademark. I was most recently showcased as a headline chef at The Good Food & Wine Show, appearing next to greats such as Marco Pierre White, Jan Hendrick and George Calombaris. Currently, together with David Higgs, I host and judge the smash-hit My Kitchen Rules South Africa on MNet prime time. When not performing I can be found at Something’s Cooking by J, my very first restaurant!

I've recently become an author, head on to the J'Something shop to order your copy of #SomethingsCooking :)