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My life. My everything. The core of who I am can be found in the songs I write and sing.


Mi Casa ... the one thing that has opened more doors for me than anything else.

I met Mo-T and Dr. Duda at a rooftop pool party in the heart of Sandton hosted by Soul Candi where I was a guest of my cousin. There I heard this DJ playing along with a trumpeter and I was mesmerised. Imagine some vocals over all of this, I thought. Well, I walked straight up to the DJ (Dr. Duda, that is) and asked him if I could share the microphone with the trumpet dude, Mo-T. He said, yeah, why not. That’s how our band Mi Casa started. We didn’t know each other from a bar of soap. Three months later we recorded ‘These Streets’, which went on to become the Record of the Year at the South African Music Awards and my career in the music industry took flight. Looking back after multiple platinum selling records, numerous awards, performing all over the world, creating record-breaking songs on the African continent, I am amazed at how good God has been to me.