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Life is just beautiful. Live it to the fullest every single opportunity you have. Good mind. Good heart. Good life.


“Come on you got this … don’t stop … it's me and you until the finish … you're not tired … I’m so proud of you … look at you go … feeling so good … soon you’ll be on the cover of a magazine with a tailored Tom Ford suit if you keep up like this … push!”

That’s what a conversation sounds like between my mind and myself whilst I’m thugging it out on the treadmill, sweat dripping all over the place as I try to improve on my latest 10km run time. What i know is this: what sets some of the world's icons apart from everybody else is the fact that they are stronger mentally. Muhammed Ali is a perfect example. The dude was already ten times stronger than any opponent before they even stepped into the ring. Why? Because he trained his mind. He worked at believing in himself. Be bold, be in control... not of the world, but of yourself.