Welcome to my very first restaurant...

It’s such a great story of how I achieved this dream… let’s start at the very beginning…

We moved from Portugal to South Africa when I was 7 years old. My father got offered a post at Fish River Sun in the Eastern Cape to be the Food and Beverage Manager. Something he did his whole life. My mother at the time worked at the Fish River Diner, feeding hungry fisherman, as they both tried to ensure my brother and I had the best upbringing. Fast forward a little and my mother ended up owning her own restaurant in Port Alfred for over 15 years. My late father worked for Sun International for over 20 years.

Two weeks after my father’s passing I got a call from Sun International. I was told about the opening of Time Square in Pretoria and that there were three signature restaurants of which they would like one of those to belong to me. Now tell me this isn't weird? Without them knowing who my father or my mother were, without them knowing my father had passed away, I get offered my dream, my own restaurant. This restaurant has a whole new level of meaning for me!

Today, this is where I can share my passion for food with you, offering a fresh twist to traditional cooking.