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Its been a while fam … things have been crazy busy but blessed none the less. I have so much to catch up on with you.

But for the sake of space and your time i would like to single out one thing that has really impacted my life immensely. besides the obama performance, the sama nominations, the almost double platinum album, new music video for all the glory, and sooooo much more going on, and so many options to write about, i choose to write about this …

A few weeks back, the 17th of feb to be exact, we returned from a gig filled weekend with no sleep to our belts. Tired as can be we had committed to going to this ‘lunch.’ we didnt know much about why or what we were about to attend. matter of fact, we phoned the organizers and asked if we could schedule this ‘meeting’ for the next day as we were exhausted. the response from the organizer was ….

“Unfortunately we spoke to her doctor and the only reason we planned for today is because the doctor released her saying that he wasnt too sure how much longer she had to her life, and that if she was going to ever achieve her ‘DREAM’ then it would need to be today. so please we are begging you guys to make this happen, it is her dream to meet you, Mi Casa.”

No matter how tired we were, after hearing this and realizing the meaning and purpose of this lunch, we got this new inner strength and headed over to dorpio zero in rosebank with such a smile. when we arrived there was the princess of the hour, 16 year old karabo and her family were sitting waiting for us to arrive. Karabo, the star of the moment, got so excited and surprisingly not too shy. Being greeted with her hug in that moment has left me impacted even to this day. i’ll tell you why ..

Here is a 16 year old girl, getting closer to death as every minute passes by, and what was her one wish? her one dream? was it a holiday in paris? meeting the president? a new bicycle? perhaps a plane ride? nope … it was to meet us. 3 guys making music innocently in a small room 2 year ago. 3 guys who didnt know eachother at all 2 years ago and now have become the best of friends. To meet Mi Casa, this was karabo’s dream …

Much love