Be Innocent In Pursuit


prawns (1).jpg

Innocence is one of the most beautiful things to witness.


Kids are so good at being innocent and it’s fascinating to watch, especially when you realize how much society changes us the older and ‘wiser’ we become.

Innocence is a lack of knowledge or understanding.

Nearly 5 years ago I decided to cook as a hobby, with absolutely NO intentions whatsoever. Just like me speaking/understanding Xhosa was never a marketing plan to reach a wider audience with my music (just had to throw that in there.) It was just me being me. When I look back at these decisions I have made in my life I realize that innocence isn’t something you can plan. Its that will to pursue that thing you want to do with no intentions whatsoever and if it becomes a success then great.

Most of the times that I’m doing anything that involves food and it isn’t in the comfort of my home I freak out a little. Not like bad freak out but like a “oh my goodness I cant believe I’m doing this,” freak out.




Can you believe it? For those of you that have been there with me since the Instagram days would understand how unbelievable this is for me. It’s a milestone in my life that when I look back is filled with innocence. It’s a moment in my life that I will be celebrating for a very long time.


Now this cookbook is my way of showing you what I like cooking. It’s not me teaching you how to cook, but rather me giving you an insight into what I’ve learnt in what has been an incredible 5 year journey in food. The book is filled with yummy things that you can do in the comfort of your home and I’ve also included a curated playlist for each chapter by my favorite DJ’s so that when you are holding it down in the kitchen you can shake your booty too. You also do know how private I am when it comes to my life outside of the public space, well this book is filled with a lot of personal pictures and little notes that will hopefully make you very happy.

I just want to say thank you for supporting me. Never for one second in my life have I thought that it is because of my greatness that I achieve all these milestones. Its because of your support, and my teams incredible hard work that we get to enjoy these awesome moments.

Thank you to all of you Big hug from me. AND most importantly be innocent in your pursuit!


Happy cooking!