Black. White. Human.


Problem. Solution. That’s how my mind works. The worst feeling in the world for me is not being able to solve a certain obstacle in my life. It frustrates me to the core.

Problem at hand?

Racism …

Man I hate that word. I hate that it holds so much power, hatred, hurt, and so many other feelings that are far too many to mention. 

Off late for some reason in my country, South Africa, whom I am extremely proud to be a citizen of, there have been a lot of racist outbreaks (if a may call them that). From politicians, to PA’s and certain hotels/restaurants having their share of racist comments or actions, its been overwhelming. Kind of scary at times to be honest. Just to think that people think in these certain ways is a horror movie on its own.

Now, I’m no saint … but one thing I pray for constantly is unity and peace amongst our country and our people. That healing may take place at a rapid pace so that we can move on. Realistic request to the Man above? I don’t think so … but I think its rooted in a state of despair … So I ask anyway. Fortunately God can’t bring a plague, or flood the earth cause im sure He has been tempted by now given our human behavior … BUT maybe he can make us all colour blind? Lets sign a petition and email it to Him … Haha … Anyway …

The other day I was having a conversation with my two closest friends, Samkelo and Brent. I was feeling really down because of these very racist encounters I had to be witness too thanks to social media. I piped up and said something that caught them a bit off guard.

“Sometimes I’m ashamed of being white.” 

“Why?” they asked …

It must be said that since a very young age I’d never regarded myself as a certain colour but more as a human being from a certain part of the world. Never the less my explanation went along the lines that when I take a look at our country I see the good and the bad that white people brought to this country. Yes, THE GOOD and THE BAD. No one can deny this. But it does break my heart to pieces at the state of the majority of our people. I ask myself, what gave these crazy people the right to think that they were superior and could do what they did. Not only in South Africa, all over the world! My own people of Portugal are to blame too. Never mind the French, the Americans (slavery was harsh!!), the British and so many other nations that are to blame.

So that’s what I said to them. I sometimes wish I wasn’t white. Not that I wish I was black, or any other colour for that matter. I just wish that for the rest of my life in this country I wouldn’t be apart of the unfortunate generalized group of white people that messed up this country. That I wouldn’t have this cloud over my head that compartmentalized me into “the people that took our country from us.”

Because you know what … truth is I don’t regard myself to be white. ‘The whites’ are not my people … neither are ‘the blacks’ … the humans are my people. The humans that are fighting for the same thing that my band Mi Casa and I fight for through our music … UNITY! Those are ‘my peeps’ …

I don’t believe that its time for a white leader in our country. Waaaaaay to early for such. I’m not ignorant to the fact that healing needs to take place. Reformation needs to occur. Projects and systems that are focused on achieving a balancing act around our country need to do their thing (just as long as they aren’t corrupted).

With that in mind, whilst chatting to them about all of this I had a great revelation. A light bulb moment that just put everything into perspective. It went something like this …

I am here for a time such as this. Was placed on earth for a specific purpose and a huge part of that purpose is to be a part of this challenge to try and heal the past and build the future as one. Take part of the blame for what the white people did and be a shoulder to the moaning and tears from what the black people suffered.

I am here to try and build as many people around me to believe in a human race … not a colour race (not sure if that makes any sense but hoping it does). I am here to move us as a human race forward, as much forward as possible so that one day my kids, or grandkids may enjoy a country that has forgiven and moved on as a united people. I am here to here to build this beautiful nation of ours and put up with all the growth pains that one has to go through so that one day it might be witness to great leadership regardless of colour.

So for now ill put up with the stupid rants from certain leaders in our country, will be witness to the endless list of social media opinionated geniuses as they try to further tear us apart, and will shake my head at the unfortunate racist occasions that still occur throughout this incredible country of ours whilst
working on my plan to make music that unites and create some mixed race kids who will hopefully grow into the future leaders of our country not because they are black or white but because they are GREAT!

Amandla … Strength … Força … Sterkte …

Big hug from a fellow human