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Lately I’ve been in such a good space.

Know what I find interesting about this statement of mine is that one can only appreciate a good thing once you experience a bad thing, or a not so good thing, just so I don't make it sound too depressive.

The reason why I choose to write blogs and share my thoughts with you is because I believe that I’m not here to be a celebrity in the cliché sense, but I’m here to be a brother, a friend and most importantly someone you can relate to and hopefully be inspired by. WE need to inspire one another.

Based on my Instagram and what you hear from interviews, etc., everything is amazing. IT IS!! Everything I post on my social platforms are100% true and a very good reflection of the majority of my life for which I am very grateful. I mean lets take a look at my year 2017 ...

It’s been a roller coaster of a year. Nearly called it quits with my band, decided not to and that led to us creating an album which we released this year. Then I opened a restaurant in Menlyn at Time Square called Something's Cooking by J, following this I filmed the biggest food show in the country, My Kitchen Rules with my mate David Higgs, then toured the world launching the Familia album which included a European trip, a North American trip as well and also ten African countries so far this year. And then to finish the year off with a bang, my team and I decided it was time I released my own cookbook. So boom, that’s happening too the end of this month and as a matter of fact you can purchase it in any leading book store or right here on my site.

Now just for a second let me talk to you as a human being and not as some celebrity or business man/entrepreneur (knowing very well that is what makes a huge part of me as a human being).

Let the foundation of what I write be that I am very grateful for everything that I have managed to achieve and am extremely grateful for all the support I am given which essentially helps me to achieve what I have. People that are in my industry often get praised for their amazing work and get lost in that praise thinking that they are so praise worthy when in actual fact the people that support you are really the ones making your dreams possible and not you alone. This is another topic for discussion and most definitely not the heart behind this post.

I have been a little out of touch with my inner self lately which has lead to a couple of out of character moments for me this year which are absolutely normal. We go out of character every day I believe and thats just us being human beings. We are not perfect and never will be but I asked myself a question that really helped me to find an answer that i needed to find which has since really brought back perspective to a lot of things in my life and has allowed me to find a lot of focus in the things that I value.


"What is my life founded upon?"


This was my question.

Now there is no right or wrong answer to this question and comparing your answer to mine is completely the wrong thing to do here so please just hear my side out and hopefully this will help you even if it’s just in a small way.

My life was always founded upon my relationship with God. My foundations as a man are deeply rooted in teachings from the Bible and a lot, if not most of my beliefs are rooted in lessons from that book.

When I started to lose focus on certain elements of my life, I’m talking about things like not looking after my body in terms of food and other things such as alcohol, not training, not reading, not meditating, etc, I began to feel more and more down about myself. Even though my life and my surroundings were superb and on paper a dream really but inside I knew I wasn’t happy with myself. Now this for me has been solely the most important measure of my success, am I happy with myself?

I wasn't. Business was good yeah, but Joao wasn’t the Joao I wanted to be.

I needed a big change in order for me to feel good about myself.

At a random meeting with my closest friends over some breakfast that included the ritual at Pablo Eggs Go Bar, my one friend pipes up and says he really just wants to start getting his life in order by going back to church. Now for me at first it was so random because we were talking about diet plans and training routines, but he is talking about church?? Then later it just clicked. He was so right!! Building a house/building is all about the foundation thereof. How much of my time was being spent on my foundation. How often was I watering my roots.

Then and there I decided on one small change, pray more. Spend more time with God and myself. Since then which has honestly been nothing more than 2 weeks I’ve been feeling really good. My focus has been way better and my energy levels for my work have shot through the roof.

Life is a constant journey that leads us through so many different paths. What is important is that we constantly strive to be happy with who we want ourselves to be and not what the world dictates us to be.

I’ll be sure to check in again and let you know if all is still going well. Consistency is key. If you have some cool stories you wanna share with me, then please do so in the comments section below.

Big hugs from me and don't ever forget that you were born to be happy. Don’t let anything ever rob you of that.