Huawei Africa Appoints J'Something


Chinese multinational company Huawei on Thursday launched the Huawei P8 Smartphone and appointed Mi Casa vocalist J’Something as creative director.

“Officially, it’s one of the biggest moments in my career,”

said J’Something on social media Twitter soon after the announcement was made. At events hashtagged #IgniteP8, Huawei launched their flagship Android device aimed at “inspiring creativity”.

The smartphone boosts some improved features found on the P7 with a few added unique features that could see it rivaling competitors including Samsung and LG. The spotlight was on the The P8 smartphone’s camera which has a 13megapixel front camera and 8 megapixel back camera with DSLR-level image signal processor.

The company claims the smartphone camera has features that are found in DSLR cameras to date. Camera features also offer four new camera modes.