I wanna be famous


At the age of 4 there i was with a fake guitar in my hand standing in the lounge of my parents house telling all the family that was over for Sunday lunch to keep quiet and listen to me as I belted away with a portuguese song I used to love, “nao a estrelas no ceu …”

My brother told me that was one of the days he saw that i loved music. kind of strange looking back because no one in my family is musical, and even worse, music was never really played in our house. so i often get asked, “where does the musical influence come from?” and my honest answers always is, “i have no idea … i truly believe that this was/is my purpose.” growing up i spend a lot of time alone … both my parents always at work and when my parents spilt my mom had to work that much harder so my creative side grew a lot in that time. i used to come up with the craziest ideas as to how to keep myself busy and not getting bored to death. but music found its way into my life very strangely and yet in a very impact full manner! i can’t pin point a moment in my life as to where music creeped in but boy am sure happy it did. looking back it feels as if it was always there.

With growing up you begin to develop your mind and your character. i fell deeper and deeper in love with this thing called music. it was the most unachievable goal in life, matter of fact it was never ever once a reality until i received my first pay for my own music. but i would buy a craig david cd, learn all the lyrics and just sing to myself the whole day. making sure that every note would sound like him. l then i would get a hold of a michael jackson concert and study his moves, presence and even the things that were occurring in and around the stage. what hit me the hardest with his shows was how much power he had. he would put his hands up and next thing thousands of people at his show would follow. Girls would be fainting as if it was planned as the ambulances awaited them. This guy for me was beyond powerful … every word he would utter people would scream. i remember that moment clearly as i dreamt in my head, “i wanna be famous …”

Why? i wanted power … but not in that selfish ‘pinky and the brain’ kind of way, i wanted power to positively influence the world. i now stand in front of thousands of people and am able to say what i can say i feel i now have a huge responsibility … and this is further impacted when i see kids singing our
music, old ma’gogos asking me for a photo, or south african politicians asking me to keep on doing what we are doing because it is impacting the country in a greater way than we could ever imagine … these type of moments make me think of that moment when i innocently told myself i wanted to be famous …

lesson learnt? god always hears everything … every little dream counts … no matter how scary or far fetched it may seem …

 even a little whisper can be heard …