Proud of You


Thank you lord that I am who I am …

Can you say that? can you look in the mirror and be pleased with what you see? Not a mirror that shows your physical but rather your inner being, how your heart, mind, and soul look. are you pleased? like what you see?

I tell you man, this life is probably one of the hardest out there … temptations are real … emotions are real … challenges are real … moments aren’t scarce … judgement is real … and me? am I swimming through it all? am I doing it perfectly? have I not changed at all after the fame? nope … I’m far from
perfect, pretty much like everyone out there I know. but hell, ill tell you one thing, I work my ass off at it. work harder at looking after the inner me than I do my physical. making sure I stay true to me, my team, and my family … ill be honest, sometimes you just feel like giving in, saying screw it all. “I made it all on my own” saddest thing about that is I would be lying to myself. it’s one thing lying to someone else, but lying to yourself is the worst thing. don’t be your own worst enemy. trick in life for me has been making my inner and outer me work in sync. working together to build this man, that not only when I look in that mirror I become dam proud of, but also when He looks down on me He wears the fattest smile ever, and when my team look at me they get motivated and in return stay true to themselves. that’s what this life is about, being the best you you can be and in return making other people better at being themselves. truth is, without the people around me id be nothing … so far, so blessed.

Thank you lord that I am who I am … occasionally don’t forget to look into that mirror, that mirror that shows your true naked being, exposed and in front of the most important being in the world and that’s you! stay true to you … and whilst everybody out there is working on their physical you out there working on your inner being, and trust, once your inner being is in tact with the goal of becoming the best you you could ever be, everything around you will begin to turn to gold!

Perfection is the goal, not according to the standards of the world, but standards that you honestly set for yourself … mentally prepare yourself for a long distance trip … here’s to becoming proud of YOU!