2018 Here We Come!


What a year!

I feel like we all say this at this point in time. It's either gone by too quick or it just dragged on … either way, 2017, whatever it has been for you, I really hope that you have seen and focused on the good of it all and most certainly taken away the lessons that come from hardship. 

You see good can only be recognized through bad. Ups can only be acknowledged through downs. This is something I have tried to drill into my mind given that I found myself at either ends of the line this year. 

It’s been another blessed year. Beyond all the specifics of what was accomplished and what society has made us believe to be success in life, I am closing off the year with a big fat smile on my face. I feel I have grown closer to the man I am destined to be and I believe that I have made God, my family and friends proud. 

This year was the year of positive vibes. I declared that at the beginning of the year and reflecting back, its actually been just that. But like I mentioned earlier positive energy can only be really appreciated when negative energy comes around.

Just read this … 

“The negative energy eats up any positive energy that is created, so nothing happens. ... When there is more positive than negative energypositive manifestation happens. Your objective is to bring the balance of energy as positive as possible.”

Positive manifestation can only occur when it is greater than the negative energy around you. Matter of fact scientists believe there is exactly the same amount of both energies in the gravitational system, but this isn’t me talking anymore its now officially the geek in me taking over. 

I’ve had lots to brag about this year but I think most of you that follow what I do, and those of you that actually take the time out to listen to me rambling on about my point of view and experiences here on my site know that I don’t spend a lot of time bragging about me. I'd rather have people brag about me than me do it myself. For which I am very grateful for by the way, your support in everything that I do is such a blessing. 

There has also been so many lessons that I have taken out from this year, way too many to mention. The greatest lesson I learnt this year I need to mention and would like to make it the main focal point for this post.

 It literally changed EVERYTHING about me. I still wonder how and why it only came to me towards the latter part of the year but it came to me nonetheless and for that I am really glad. Its something that might seem really small to you like it did to me. It might even be something you have “told” yourself once or twice before. I remember it was almost a tradition at home, we would be sitting around the dinner table after Christmas and Jurie would pipe up saying, “Next year its MY year. Im making time for me.” And next year the same thing and so on … the problem here was it was nothing more than a momentary motivational speech that would be forgotten after the second glass of wine. January comes and we are back at being slaves for society, for survival, for success … whatever it is you want to call it. 

So here is the lesson I learnt, declared, and ACTED UPON this year. 

I need to put aside time to work on ME. 

Now I am very much a problem/solution type of guy and I don’t easily get swayed by fancy motivational slogans so when I started to plot out a plan as to how I was going to do this it needed to be an easy process that I could manage and measure. 

I found an app that changed my life. Headspace. If you don’t have it now is the time to get it. It’s a meditation app that guides you through a really easy and down to earth process to set aside 5-10min of your day to spend time breathing. Now I won't go into heavy detail on this to avoid sounding like a complete geek yet again, but scientifically and through the study of the brain the benefits of mediation are HUGE! 

As I type this I have spent a month meditating, which has been close to a whopping 4 hours of meditation. Now in all honesty that’s nothing. When I look back at the near month journey of meditation and realize that its only been 4 hours of my month it's crazy to believe. It's also seriously crazy to justify the benefits its had on me when I look at the small investment I have made. 

On top of meditation I also started to invest more in me by setting aside more time to read, to watch and listen to sermons, and also to create an environment around me that uplifted me and built me. 

Now the funny thing about these exercises is that I want to spend more time on me so that I can be a better person to the people around me. The fruits I have seen from these small changes in my life have been beyond measure and has come to me at one of the most crucial moments in my life. 

I am beyond excited for 2018. I can't wait for another year to be able to give God glory in all that I do. I can't wait for a year of non conformity. I can't wait for another year of happiness. Most of all I can't want for a year of NO comfort zones. 

I pray that you all have a rocking 2018, that you spend a little time on yourself and that we continue cheering one another on. I really appreciate and love all of you that support what I do. It means more than you will ever know. 

From me, it’s a big hug and lots of love. 

2018 here we come!